Kealeboga got involved in the aviation industry as far back as 2002 when he joined BDF (AIR ARM) and trained in BDF Technical Training School (TTS) (aircraft maintenance engineer).By the end of 2005 he resigned from the BDF to pursue further studies. In 2008 he enrolled at Blue Chip Flight School in South Africa for commercial Pilot License which he completed in June 2012, after which was drawn by the charm of the Okavango delta where he joined Mack Air as a bush pilot from August 2012 till February where he got to experience the beauty, charm and wealth of the Okavango Delta.

In 2013 he was drawn by his passion for maintenance engineering and joined Northern Air Maintenance for another seven months as a maintenance engineer until August. From August to October he briefly joined Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana as a flight safety Inspector as an intern. He eventually joined Major Blue air as a bush pilot and maintenance manager. He therefore brings into the company a wealth of experience which will come in handy now and into the future.